The requirement
The Words Workshop is a PR and copywriting agency based in Ampthill, Bedfordshire. I have a well established relationship with them, and in the early 2000s I generated a brand for them which was based around the concept that copywriting is a craft and the best copy came from skilled professionals.

More recently the profile of their customer base was seen to have changed. Quality writing was still the domain of the professional, but TWW realised that more and more of the work they did for clients involved taking advantage of the opportunities offered by online marketing and social media.

The solution
The new logo adopts the look of the sort of icon now commonly used for social media and smartphone apps. The use of the letter w and the horizontal brackets communicate the writing skills that are still at the core of the business.

The benefits
The Words Workshop has a brand that now appeals to a broader, more social media-savvy audience, but still expresses their traditional skills.

Other selected projects

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