The requirement
The Mover was launched in April 2011 and is the only genuinely independent trade journal servicing both the domestic removals and international relocation industries. Published monthly, it includes news stories, opinion and features on various aspects of the industry such as legislation changes, technological developments, surveys and insights into many industry-related areas of expertise. It is free to subscribers and is supported through advertising revenue.

The first requirement was to generate a style for the magazine that would appeal to a diverse target readership. It needed to have the feel of a trade journal while simultaneously establishing a unique look.

The second requirement was to generate a new issue every month, within the established style framework, but in a way that made every issue distinct from its predecessors.

The solution
A clean, functional, contemporary style was developed which allows stories that require large amounts of copy or technical detail to look engaging and accessible, but which also makes image oriented content appear attractive and informative.

The benefits
The Mover is now into its sixth year of publication and its circulation, influence and advertising revenue continue to grow. The style has developed but the look of the magazine has remained essentially the same.

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