The requirement
A commercial enterprise like a magazine needs branding in much the same way as a company or charity. Editorial style, the stories it covers and journalistic integrity are brand values for a magazine every bit as much as customer service, innovation and integrity are for a business, and need to be promoted.

The solution
The title of a magazine as it appears on the cover – commonly known as the ‘masthead’ – is the automatic choice for its logo. It needs to be applied consistently across a variety of media, and in The Mover’s case this means a variation where the word ‘magazine’ is added for use other than on the cover and where the name may not be known. A stacked variant is also used for applications like social media and exhibition panels.

The benefits
The logo remains recogniseable, whichever variant is applied, which means that The Mover’s brand retains its values and generates confidence in those who come into contact with it – whether they’re readers, advertisers or delegates visiting the stand at a trade show.

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