The requirement
Mastercrate is a company that hires out plastic packing crates to facilities managers and commercial movers. Crates are used extensively in commercial and other large scale moves, and are supplied in a number of both general purpose and specialised types.

Mastercrate are one of a small number of companies able to supply crates in large numbers, and the next phase of their growth involved raising their profile among commercial moving companies and facilities management professionals.

The solution
A press advertising campaign was decided upon as being the most effective way of reaching the target audience. This campaign comprised a page advertisement and stand-alone flyer that could be used as a loose insert, leave-by and handout at trade shows and other industry events.

A new visual branding was developed which included a new logo and the use of large areas of bright yellow with darker blue accent colour. This palette was chosen partly for the continuity it maintained with the existing brand, and also a strong visual differentiator with the colours used by Mastercrate’s competitors.

The key proposition of the campaign was the outstanding service level provided for customers.

The benefits
Mastercrate’s profile and was raised within the industry and in relation to its competitors. Its brand recognition was also increased and they were able to hit their planned growth target and subsequently move to new, larger premises.

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