What does 'branding' actually mean?

The word ‘brand’ covers everything from the logo on your people’s business cards, through the way you conduct business, and on to the values you hold regarding wider issues such as the environment. It’s everything that affects how your customers perceive you.


Properly organised, your brand will promote recognition, set you apart from your competition and inspire confidence in your customers. It will help you focus and provide clarity of direction, help motivate your staff and add value to your business when customers pass on their positive experience to others.

An effective brand doesn’t happen by accident. It needs time and thought invested in it. It’s often said that if you don’t control your brand, it will eventually control you.

My job is to help you understand the importance of the visual elements of your brand and find creative solutions that are fit for purpose.

Your logo is the hub of your visual brand, and its application across all media must be consistent if it is to have maximum impact and return on investment.

Your visual brand consists of your logo and the elements that are chosen to support it, like typefaces, colours, photography styles and page layouts. These elements form a comprehensive toolkit that, applied consistently across media like business stationery, sales literature and advertising, build a successful visual brand.

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