The requirement
A logo is the centrepiece of a visual brand and is often simply called ‘the brand’. Its function is to encapsulate and communicate the personality, ethos and type of business or activity practiced by the organisation it represents in a way that is unique and memorable.

The solution
For a logo to be successful it must fulfil certain key criteria. Firstly it must be unique because the body it represents is unique. It must also look the part, which means the style and execution need to be in keeping with the nature of the business it represents and the industry in which it operates. Simplicity is also a key consideration. A logo should never include elements that don’t contribute 100% to its visual impact, and the number of elements needs to be kept to a minimum.

The benefits
The consistent application of a logo or brand over a period of time will make it recogniseable as belonging uniquely to one company or organisation and the accompanying aura of professionalism and dependability will promote confidence in its customers.

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