The requirement
Removal company Arrowpak needed sales support literature as part of an advertising campaign aimed at increasing awareness of their service and finding new customers: a brochure to use as a leave-by with house sellers for whom they had provided quotes for moving home, and a leaflet to use for general promotional opportunities.

The solution
A six-page A4 brochure was produced in the same prestige style as the press advertisements, which promoted Arrowpaks’ full range of services and also included testimonials from satisfied customers.

The same basic content was used to produce a DL leaflet, also in the same prestige style.

The benefits
The A4 brochure, utilised as a leave-by with the quotes they provided, gave Arrowpak a distinct advantage over other quote providers. It’s content and quality feel continued to communicate their message and kept them front-of-mind during the customer’s decision-making process.

The DL leaflet provided a versatile and consistent alternative means of promoting Arrowpak’s sales message and service offering.

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