I Like Creative

I Like Creative is myself, Simon Taylor, graphic designer and sole trader. I set up by myself over a decade ago, after having learned the business through working for various design and advertising agencies for several years.

I’m based in Milton Keynes from where I’ve built a varied client base which ranges from a bespoke removal vehicle builder to a charity for an endangered primate.

I began working in design before digital technology revolutionised the industry. I learned traditional design and production techniques and skills which, combined with more recently acquired digital expertise give me a thorough understanding of print and how to make the most of it.

This site is structured around my three key areas of expertise: branding, advertising and design for print. I’ve accumulated considerable experience in each of them and I understand their value to business.

You can access more information about each one, including example projects, from the top menu.

The Design Process

The way designers work can seem a bit mysterious, but in reality it’s just a series of logical and creative steps. No two jobs are ever exactly alike, but the process goes broadly like this:

The job always starts with the brief, when you describe what you’re trying to achieve. It sounds simple enough, but I will always ask lots of questions and start a dialogue through which we cover all the important points, and make sure we both know what’s needed.

My first task after taking the brief is to research the job. This involves things like learning about the subject or industry and finding out what other companies or organisations are doing – checking out your competition, in other words.

The next thing is to get creative. Armed with the brief and the research, I can begin a focused process of generating possible solutions. It’s a process of creating, rejecting, selecting and developing ideas to establish whether they’ll work or not.


Once I have some ideas I think are going to work, I’ll present them to you, with a rationale as to how each one answers the brief. You then provide the feedback and between us, through a process of elimination, adaptation and refinement, we’ll reach the final design.

There are other things to consider, such as buying print, the need to outsource specialist skills like photography or copywriting, and of course, your budget. I’ll work with you to find the right solutions to any of these issues, as and when the need arises.

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