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I'm Simon Taylor, I'm a freelance graphic designer and the list of what I offer includes logos and branding, magazines, marketing collateral such as brochures and flyers, direct mail and press advertising, and web. Freelance since 2003, I have previously worked for various creative agencies, providing effective, memorable, creative solutions across a range of industries.

My approach to creativity is to keep things simple and always remember the project's key aims. I can only provide a solution when I know what needs solving, so it's my job to ask the right questions at the start and help my client determine what they want to say, then find ways to say it.

My aim is to provide a professional standard of creativity with a personal approach, at an affordable rate.

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How to: get the right logo

How to: get the right logo

Having a logo designed is like any other business process - you need to be business-like and methodical. Choose a design that you are happy to live with, but make sure you ask some key questions too. Does it communicate your company's personality and values? Is it simple yet memorable? Does it clearly tell people what you do? Are the colours appropriate? Will it still be legible when reproduced at a small size? Get the right answers to these questions, and you won't go far wrong.

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If you're looking for something other than a photo portrait for your social media avatar, but you don't want an app-generated cartoon, I may have the answer. I can provide a simple, bespoke line portrait, based on an existing photograph. All you have to do is provide the photo, and I'll generate your portrait using a vector-based drawing application. You can specify what colours you want it to be, or even have different versions, in different colours, for different sites, or different applications.

If you'd like to know more, please get in touch via the contact page.

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